Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Magic for Haiti!

I am one proud Mama today. After watching a bit of the Haiti telethon and the different musicians who were performing, my oldest son said, "I could do something like that, I could perform magic for Haiti." That night, by bedtime, "Magic for Haiti' had moved from a little idea to a fully-fleshed out plan. My nine-year old would perform the magic, my six-year old would be in charge or refreshments and my four year old would cheer for one brother and help the other one by eating.

We picked Partners in Health (PIH) because $.92 of each dollar goes to immediate relief efforts. PIH already had hundreds of staff in Haiti and 12 hospitals that were unaffected by the earthquake. We made flyers and if we had looked over the PIH website more carefully, could have used their evite system. But the handmade orange paper ones were fun too.

We also used the PIH thank you notes and posters to decorate the backyard.

The turn-out was incredible- neighbors, friends, family filled the backyard and the Magic Show was perfect! Two buddies from school joined the Main Magician on the stage and added a few fun tricks to the mix and all the tricks brought oohs and aahs from the enthusiastic crowd! At the end we raised $515.75- and as my boys like to point out... But what does that equal, Mom? That equals 1719 hot meals, 171 warm blankets or 51 medical kits!

The next morning my magician woke up and said, "Mom, tell me when there's another disaster and we can do another show, OK?"


That's my boy. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!!!


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