Monday, February 1, 2010

Freshly-Brewed Monday Book Recommendation #5!- Melonhead

This has nothing at all to do with the book, but it's funny, right?

Melonhead? Get it?

Here's the Real Melonhead!

Melonhead by Katy Kelly

This book is silly. Silly, Silly Silly. I knew it made me giggle as I read it to my three boys but when my husband wanted in on the action and took over at Chapter 14, I could not believe the joyous squeals and yeehs of glee coming from their bedroom. Laughter is good for the soul and we all need more of it. Introducing Melonhead.

Melonhead, starring Adam Melon, is a spin-off from Katy Kelly's popular series about Lucy Rose. Nine-year old Melonhead and his friend Sam have a way of finding trouble and the book jumps right in. Melonhead's foot is stuck in a tree and he must be rescued by firefighters and eventually a cherry-picker with the "jaws of life." Adam has a goofy sense of humor that permeates the book and all his relationships. This book will likely appeal to kids who enjoy Stink and Fudge and other books in the "troublemaker" vein. The only comment I have that is less than positive is that the boys always seemed to have pockets full of name-brand candy and cereal. It just didn't seem necessary to mention the sugar fuel and the name brands. But that is a very small drawback for an otherwise funny, silly, feel-good type book.  

I also loved that it was set in Washington D.C. and there are several very interesting supporting characters.


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