Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Not Exactly Kid's Lit, but So Very Cool!

My son is taking a Stop-Motion Animation Class this week at an amazing local art studio. The ceilings go up and up forever and just being in the building I feel like I'm wearing a beret and holding a little art pallette with a thumb hole. I can't even imagine how artsy the kids must feel. 

After class, we've spent a lot of time online looking at ideas for his projects. It's amazing all the crazy household items people can make fly, reach summit, swim and puke! This Friday (day 5 of his class) is the Stop Motion Animation Jamboree where his film will be released to the public (his classmates, their four or five moms and me)! OK, so maybe so far his project is mostly whirling q-tips, flying pennies and a tiny wooden cross from an Easter egg but look where this burst of creative energy could lead!!! So much creativity and precision in this amazing work of art- Hooray for artists!!!