Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm going to Haiti

We have the dates! I will be going to Haiti with a group from my sons' school. It has been such a privilege to learn more about this beautiful country. Pictured above are two of our little hikers. They are wearing the names of the children they hiked in honor of during our "Hike for Haiti" to Henninger Flats this past June. The hike's goal was to raise money for the kids at Ste. Marguerite's school in Haiti and to allow our kids to experience the same distance the Haitian kids hike daily to and from school. The children in this small village hike 2.5 miles to school and back without eating while at school, and many of them do not eat breakfast. Miraculously, we were able to raise enough money to fund the hot lunch program at their school for one year. Hooray! And in February I will have the pleasure of meeting the children in La Tournelle, Haiti. We even get to camp on the top of the mountain where the children attend school. More details to come.

Who knew when my sons did their "Magic for Haiti" show in our backyard in January 2010, just weeks after the earthquake,  that we would have yet another wonderful connection to this beautiful country. 

We will have an entire book table dedicated to books about Haiti this year at our school book fair and I've seen a peek at some of the titles. I know where I'll be shopping!