Friday, February 12, 2010

Listmania: Go Ahead and Click, it's FUN

Do you like lists? I used to LOVE them. When I was single I would make them and leave them on little slips of paper all over the apartment:

1. Get nails done
2. Call X to plan lunch
3. Call Y to plan when to go to beach on Sat.

Those were the days! Now that I'm a housebound mommy and my lists are longer than my arm and beyond boring, I decided to not even make them anymore. I'm over the whole list thing. I'm not sure when I stopped but the sky's not falling so I guess everything's OK. That means sometimes I forget to do things, but so be it. Anyway, someone told me lists are great on blogs, so I am going to resurrect my old love of lists and try to incorporate it here! (spoiler alert: this list is not bookish, I'm just warming up to lists again and decided to color outside the lines of my usual blog fare)

I was a child of the 80's and I have a brother who is exactly one year older than me. When we were tweenagers (altho no one knew what that meant back then) music videos were born. I'll never forget watching MTV for the first time. My brother knew every band and when the name of the band and song would pop up in the lower left he would give me a few details about said band and we would sit mesmorized.

The first video I remember was Oliver's Army by Elvis Costello. We thought it was breathtaking. I have since learned that MTV aired for the first time on August 1, 1981, and that Oliver's Army was shown on that first day. It would be just like my brother to know that was the day of MTV's launching and I'm pretty sure that summer day was when I first saw this. It is so beautifully 1981 that I just had to show it to you:

Did you see Elvis dialing the phone by making his finger go in small circles??? Yikes!

These days I don't get to watch many videos; however, because two can still qualify as a list, I am going to give you THE BEST VIDEOS OF 2009 according to me. Please keep in mind, I am an aspiring writer who sits at home in t-shirts and sweats and writes all day/mother of 3 who no longer watches MTV. Therefore, these videos found me, through whatever channels and I LOVE THEM, In fact, I love them so much I am going to bestow them with award titles.

also known as the *best-be-boppy-stick-in-your-head-fun-summer-song* video

Don't you LOVE it? Go ahead, listen to it again while you brush your teeth, or scrub the sink, it just makes everything more fun! It has a little Traveling Wilburys thing going on, right? By the way, I didn't do the talking bubbles, they were just annoyingly there.

AND NOW, drumroll........

also known as the *sheer adorableness factor* video

If you haven't seen 500 Days of Summer yet, you may not thoroughly appreciate this. I loved these characters in the movie and wanted more. And here they is, all set to this catchy little tune by *She & Him.*

Aren't lists fun???


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