Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stories from the Laundry Hamper

Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times wrote this wonderful piece on Susan Patron, former Los Angeles Librarian and author of the 2007 Newbery Award Winning book, The Higher Power of Lucky. Much of his article discusses her lesser known, but very special, book entitled Maybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe Maybe. Not all books work for both genders, but my boys enjoy this touching story of three sisters, based on Patron's childhood. I love it too. Enjoy!


Jill & Grant said...

Roz- Honestly, how do you encourage your boys to read? I was a natural reader, but want to do everything I can to keep that going for little Miss. A. THanks!

Rosalind R. Oliver said...

Jill- Abby seeing you and Grant read (which I know happens all day long) and you two reading to her (which you are already doing because it's so freaking fun) are the two most important things.
Plus having baskets of books all over the house helps- Little Abbs is a natural, I know it!

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