Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Secret Mission

So it's time to come clean and write about my Secret Mission: my middle grade novel. I've chatted with a handful of friends about it, taken classes and met with a mentor writer/critique group regularly about my progress but mostly, I've kept it under my hat. I think I stayed more inspired that way, and to be honest, it just didn't feel like anything I want to talk about much, I've just wanted to get busy, keep my head down and write! Fortunately, with the help of a wonderfully supportive clan, I am carving out time. I am loving every minute spent with some wonderful and wild characters. It's a great new adventure we are embarking on together. The book is far from completion, but I am starting this blog with the hope that together we will reach the finish line!

My plan is to share some of the amazingly helpful knowledge I am gaining along the way, share some recommendations for great children's books I'm reading, interview agents, authors and other publishing types I meet along my journey and just generally swim around in this world of reading and writing childrens' literature. It's where my head is a lot of the time anyway, in part because I love to find books that fit the tastes and interests of my three boys, but even more than that, because I just love the wondrous time that makes up the middle grade novel years- the wistful, hopeful, sometimes heart-breaking middle-grade years.

I hope a few of these posts will interest you. 


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